a life worth living

tom or thomas is okay

swear i’m not a zombie but I really love your brain

am I the only one that uses my pillow as a blanket and my blanket as a pillow?

i would be okay with eating chipotle forever.

i hate the word hurry

life would be so much better without it

only because I know if I say HI

we will never talk again

leap of faith

took an oath, ima stick it out till the end

sometimes I wish the zombie apocalypse would happen, because I think I could make it. And I think I could save you. Maybe we could find a cure and save the world, or maybe we’d just fall in love.


fearless but hopeless

birthdays are weird

it’s my best friends birthday.

really i feel no special on my birthday.

i have no birthday spirit

but im glad people are happy when its their birthday.

it makes me happy too.


the goood the bad and the ugly

"this music is turning me gay"